Experienced. Friendly. On-time. We help you get on track and stay on track.

Founded in 2017 by Gary Somerville and Chris Lehmann, TMOT BAS is a part of the Tradesmen on Time Pty Ltd group of companies.

Gary Somerville is the Managing Director of TMOT BAS, and is a qualified bookkeeper and financial controller and has been supporting trade and other small businesses for over a decade, and understands the balance between “on the tools” and “in the office.”

We are supported by an enthusiastic and positive team of admin support staff who are already familiar with the workings of a trade business, and who provide payroll, invoicing, payment chasing, compliance documentation and other support.

Our clients tap into the knowledge of our alliance partner networks. We know and engage subject matter experts to assist our clients in areas such as cashflow management, business loans, financial forecasting, budgeting, website development, HR systems, insurance, IT, social media, marketing.

Whether you want to get on track, stay on track or grow your business, give us a call!

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